RFB Offering Opportunities To Australian Vanadium

ASX-listed Australian Vanadium is evaluating the economic opportunities that vanadium redox flow batteries (VRFBs) could offer the company.
Speaking at the second day of the Paydirt Battery Minerals conference, in Perth, Australian Vanadium CEO Graham Arvidson said that the company was “open-minded” on how Australian Vanadium and its subsidiary VSUN Energy could participate in the opportunity.
“How we can participate in that whole commercial economic spectrum is really important and I think it offers lots of opportunity for optionality in the business,” he said.
Meanwhile, Australian Vanadium is also looking to expand its vanadium electrolyte manufacturing capabilities into the Australian East Coast.
The company recently completed detailed design, ordered long-lead items and secured a site for its initial vanadium electrolyte manufacturing facility in Western Australia. At this facility, US partner US Vanadium’s proven electrolyte manufacturing technology would be deployed, with Australian Vanadium targeting the production of up to 33 MWh/y of VRFB high-purity electrolyte.
Until production of vanadium oxides from Australian Vanadium’s Midwest Processing Hub commences, vanadium oxide feedstock for the electrolyte facility will be sourced through the company’s agreement with US Vanadium.
“We are proceeding apace with the electrolyte facility,” Arvidson told delegates.
“We expect to be first movers and we expect to produce the highest-grade electrolyte here in Perth initially, and we are talking to and looking for opportunities on the east coast where we think there’s even bigger opportunities in the redox flow batteries.”