Qinghai To Launch New Round Of Strategic Mineral Prospecting

At a meeting recently held by the Department of Natural Resources of Qinghai Province, the Department stated that it will carry out a new round of strategic mineral prospecting in 2023.

According to the Department, the new round of prospecting will be focused upon minerals with national strategic significance, especially with insufficient reserves in China, including potassium, lithium, beryllium, nickel, cobalt, etc.; meanwhile, prospecting on ores in close relation to new energy industry will be strengthened, including lithium-beryllium, copper-nickel, cobalt-tungsten, vanadium-manganese, fluorspar, etc.; and prospecting on important minerals used in metal smelting, special alloy, new functional materials will also be carried out, including gold, chrome, titanium, tungsten, silver, lead, zinc, etc.

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