Price Change Of Vanadium Products On 7Th-11Th September 2020 This week, the prices of upstream and downstream products in the vanadium market decreased slightly. In the last week of centralized bidding of steel plants, VN alloy was under heavy pressure, and the decline was the most obvious among all vanadium products. Compared with the market price last Friday, the price of VN alloy decreased by 4000 yuan / ton in one week. The price of V2O5 flake in the bulk market decreased by less than 1500 yuan / ton. The cost of VN alloy was close to the market price, and the profit of manufacturers shrank. The ferrovanadium market is relatively stable this week. The main reason is that the fluctuation of V2O5 flake is not large, the cost has been high to support the market price, and the output of processing plants is small. Therefore, although the market is weak, there is not much room for price decline. The price of ammonium metavanadate is also slightly weak affected by the downward pressure of vanadium pentoxide price this week, and the price of downstream chemical V2O5 powder is also adjusted accordingly.

Ammonium vanadate Spec. Price on 11 Sep Price on 7 Sep Change Basis(Yuan/ton)
AMV flake 98% 95000-97000 95000-98000 ↓ 500 Cash with tax
APV flake 98% 95000-96000 95000-96000 Cash with tax













V2O5 flake 98% 107000 107000 Tranvic, Desheng, Acceptance with tax
V2O5 flake 98% 107000 107000 Jianlong, Acceptance with tax
V2O5 flake 98% 99000-100000 100500-101000 ↓ 1250 Small/medium sized factories/bulk cargo
V2O5 powder 98%(metallurgical) 99000-100000 100500-101000 ↓ 1250 Cash with tax
V2O5 powder 98%(chemical) 103000-106000 105000-108000 ↓ 2000 Cash with tax
V2O5 powder 99%(chemical) 118000-122000 120000-124000 ↓ 2000 Acceptance with tax
V2O5 powder 99.5% 130000-132000 132000-137000 ↓ 3500 Cash with tax
European V2O5 98% 5.1-5.6 5.1-5.6 USD/LB V2O5




FeV50 104000-105000 105000-106000 ↓ 1000 Cash with tax
FeV50 110000 110000 Pangang, Acceptance with tax
FeV80 166400-168000 166400-168000 Cash with tax
European FeV70-80% 24.45-25.65 24.4-25.5 ↑ 0.1 USD/kgV

VN alloy


V77N16 156000-157000 159000-162000 ↓ 4000 Cash with tax
V77N16 166000 168000 ↓ 2000 Pangang, Acceptance with tax

Ferrovanadium nitride

FeV45N10 108000-109000 108000-109000 Acceptance with tax
FeV55N11 128000-130000 128000-130000 Acceptance with tax