This Rare Metal Is BEST PERFORMING in 2018

Vanadium has been the best performing metal since 2016 and is currently trading at $13/lb up from 2016 low of $2.5/lb. The main driver for this has been new rebar standards set in place in China consuming more vanadium and breakthroughs in vanadium redox flow batteries development.

China mandated a minimum amount of vanadium to be added in all future rebar construction, as vanadium increases the tensile strength of steel. As a result, global demand for vanadium is expected to increase by 20% in the short term.

Vanadium redox flow batteries are ideal for grid storage capabilities and vanadium is becoming an integral part of the new electric economy. Stable, capable of +100,000 recharge cycles without degradation, vanadium redox flow batteries can charge and discharge simultaneously.

Why Vanadium?
Vanadium pentoxide is currently trading at $13/lb up from 2016 low of $2.5/lb and has outperformed all other metals in 2018;

China has raised rebar standards in 2018 – a PARADIGM SHIFT which increases global vanadium demand by up to 20%;

Chinese major Vanadium supply is constrained due to environmental crackdown;

Vanadium is key in the current ‘green revolution’ – Vanadium batteries are far superior than lithium in grid scale deployment and is the crucial mineral powering a “breakthrough” energy storage technology.

This Stock in Starting First Major Vanadium Mine in the US

Prophecy Development Corp. (TSX: PCY, OTC: PRPCF) has recently submitted the requisite baseline studies for its Gibellini Vanadium Project located in Eureka County, Nevada, USA to both the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP).

And the latest breaking news, last week in April, Prophecy met with regulators whereby parties agreed to cooperate and streamline Gibellini permitting process to target publish date of EIS Notice of Intent (the “NOI”) by Q1 2020. Simply put, this means mine construction could start in 2021 making Gibellini the first primary vanadium mine in North America in 2022 (About 3 years from now).

Gibellini Vanadium Project Timeline

Why Prophecy’s Gibellini?
Prophecy Development Corp (TSX: PCY, OTC: PRPCF) owns the Gibellini project – the only large-scale, open-pit, heap-leach vanadium project of its kind in North America;

Located in Nevada, premium location for mining- Ranked #1 for North America mining investment in the world (Fraser Institute);

The Gibellini Vanadium Project is Low Capex, Low Opex and High IRR Project based on independent preliminary economic study*;

Clear path to permitting in 2021;

Prophecy has only 95 million shares outstanding.

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“We are on track to initiate the EIS process after the Notice of Intent is published in Q1 2020, which will be a milestone in permitting the Gibellini Project,” notes Ron Espell, Prophecy’s VP Environment. “It will represent the starting point of a well-defined 12-month process under the Department of the Interior’s Secretarial Order No. 3355 that shareholders will be able to mark on their calendars.” Ron is a highly regarded permitting specialist with 30 years of past experience with Barrick and McEwen Mining.

Michael Doolin, Prophecy’s CEO and COO, observes, “The State of Nevada is the best jurisdiction for mining investment in the world, according to Fraser Institute. The deposit is critical as Gibellini’s annual production profile of 9.75 million lb. of V2O5 outlined in the independent preliminary economic assessment is sufficient to meet United States current vanadium consumption requirement.” Mr. Doolin joined Prophecy in 2019 after Klondex (where he was COO) was purchased by mining giant Hecla for $460million in 2018.

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Prophecy Discovers Multiple Vanadium Surface Mineralization At Gibellini – March 26, 2019

Michael Doolin Appointed as Prophecy Chief Operating Officer and Interim Chief Executive Officer – March 7, 2019

In May 2018, Prophecy reported results of a positive preliminary economic assessment study (PEA) for its Gibellini vanadium project*. The independent report demonstrated an after-tax cumulative cash flow of $601.5 million, an internal rate of return of 50.8%, a net present value of $338.3 million at a 7% discount rate and a 1.72 years payback on investment from start-up assuming an average vanadium pentoxide price (V2O5) of $12.73 per pound. Current vanadium price at date of this article is $13 per pound. The PEA was prepared by world renowned engineering firm, Amec Foster Wheeler E&C Services Inc., part of the Wood Group of companies.

Nick Hodge of Outsider club in late 2018 stated:

“An updated, 2018 PEA pegged Gibellini the after-tax NPV at US$338.3 million and the IRR at 50.8%. Gibellini contains 129.28 million pounds of vanadium pentoxide (V205) grading 0.294%. The current mine plan envisions producing 9.65 million pounds annually for over 13 years, paying back its capital cost of US$116.8 million in 1.72 years. Prophecy is trading at a significant discount to its project value*.

With global vanadium supply declining and demand increasing, now is the right time to discover Gibellini and Prophecy Development, which trades at the Toronto stock exchange main board, and 1st tier of OTC in the US (TSX: PCY, OTCQX: PRPCF)

Prophecy is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange with a stock symbol PCY and trades over the counter in the USA with a stock symbol PRPCF. Please call you broker and ask that you would like to buy PCY if you are in Canada or PRPCF, over the counter, if you are in the USA.

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Watch Gibellini Project Summary
The only large-scale, open-pit, heap-leach vanadium project of its kind in North America

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Chairman John Lee

Louis James, long-time Doug Casey Independent Speculator team member interviews Prophecy’s Chairman John Lee about Prophecy’s flagship Gilbellini Vanadium Project, its progress, vanadium prices, and plans for the future. It has gathered over fifty thousand views and is a can’t miss.

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

*The Gibellini project attributes are taken from its May 29, 2018 PEA, which includes inferred resources that are considered too speculative geologically to have the economic considerations applied to them that would enable them to be categorized as mineral reserves. And there is no certainty that the PEA will be realized. Mineral resources are not mineral reserves and do not have demonstrated economic viability.

Certain statements contained in this news release (including statements which may contain words such as “expects”, “anticipates”, “intends”, “plans”, “believes”, “estimates”, and similar expressions) and statements related to matters which are not historical facts are forward-looking information within the meaning of applicable securities laws. Such forward-looking statements, which reflect management’s expectations regarding Prophecy’s future growth, results of operations, performance, business prospects and opportunities, are based on certain factors and assumptions. They involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties which may cause the actual results, performance, or achievements to be materially different from the future results, performance, or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements.