Panzhihua SDIC And Guangzhou Huangpu Tiantai Signed A Strategic Cooperation Agreement In order to promote the development of The Internet platform of Panzhihua vanadium and titanium industry and accelerate the integration of vanadium and titanium resources in Panzhihua, Zhao Lu, party secretary and chairman of SDIC group, and Chen Xiaohua, chairman of Guangzhou Huangpu Tiantai Chemical & Light Co., LTD signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement in Panxi Science & Technology City Business Center. The two sides will take the opportunity of the “Ti-rongyi” Vanadium and titanium industry Internet platform to conduct all-round cooperation in the fields of industrial Internet platform, warehousing logistics and trade business.
Zhao Lu: Strengthen cooperation in vanadium and titanium industry, capital operation and other fields, complement each other’s advantages and share achievements
Zhao Lu briefly introduced the transformation development and production management of the SDIC. He said that after the layout and structure adjustment in recent years, SDIC has gradually formed the concept of “platform-based, digital and ecological development” in terms of capital operation, financial services, smart city and Internet industry platform. It is hoped that SDIC and Guangzhou Huanagpu Tiantai will take this strategic cooperation as an opportunity to strengthen cooperation in the field of titanium industry chain and financial services, complement each other’s advantages, share achievements and achieve win-win cooperation, so as to help realize the strategic vision of both sides.
Chen Xiaohua: I hope the two sides will carry out all-round cooperation in the fields of industrial Internet platform, warehousing and logistics
Chen Xiaohua expressed admiration for the development mode of transformation and upgrading of SDIC group and integration of industry and finance, and highly appreciated the efforts made by SDIC to promote vanadium and titanium resources integration and industrial upgrading. He believes that the two sides have similar strategies, complementary advantages and broad cooperation space. He is willing to work with SIDC to make full use of both sides’ advantages in resources, warehousing and logistics and carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of Internet platform, supply chain finance and trade business.