Panzhihua Iron And Steel’s Single-Month Sales Of Rails Hit A Record High

Recently, a good news came from the Marketing Department of International Trade Corporation. The sales volume of Panzhihua Steel’s rails in November hit a record high, breaking the record of the best sales level in a single month. It continued to write a new chapter in the marketing of Panzhihua Steel’s rails. It has played a positive role in improving efficiency and increasing market share.
Since the beginning of this year, in the face of the impact of the epidemic and the deteriorating market environment, the marketing department of the model line has strengthened the education of the situation and tasks, refined the target tasks, decomposed the indicators to the head, and actively mobilized the enthusiasm of the staff in each position. Various measures and means such as “keeping an eye on projects, on inventory, on users, and on logistics” ensure the stable and smooth flow of base production and product outbound. Faced with a series of difficulties such as weakening market demand for rails, difficulties in user capital turnover, and new changes in the market competition pattern, the Molding Line Marketing Department is actively doing a good job of strategic coordination at home and abroad, continuously increasing market research and judgment, and fully understanding market dynamics. Later, through a flexible price policy, close to the market and active sales, the target demand was locked in advance, which further increased the sales volume of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Rail, and laid a solid foundation for the completion of the annual target task.
Facing the complex and ever-changing market environment and increasingly fierce market competition, the Molding Line Marketing Department effectively applied innovative thinking and pioneering methods to the rail marketing work, comprehensively strengthened market research and judgment and control, and with full work enthusiasm and good We will strive to open up the market, earnestly do a good job in customer service, ensure the successful completion of various tasks, and contribute to Pansteel’s marketing efforts in building an internationally leading railway steel brand.