LB Group Expects Titanium Dioxide Output To Exceed 1 Million Tons In 2022

On November 7, Lomon Billions (LB) Group reported that recently its monthly output of titanium chloride in Panzhihua reached about 10,000t which has been used in the production of chlorinated titanium dioxide, and the production capacity would ramp up to 300,000t per year in the future. By the first half of 2022, the company’s total annual production capacity of titanium dioxide reached 1,110,000t. It is expected that the titanium dioxide output will exceed 1,000,000t in 2022 and reach about 1,300,000t in 2023. At present, the company has completed the 800tpy vanadium pentoxide production line and prepares to construct an innovative demonstration project of 30,000t per annum of vanadium pentoxide by wet process for alkaline pellets of vanadium and titanium iron concentrate by two phases in Panzhihua, Sichuan.
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China vanadium pentoxide powder producers’ inventory statistics by province by month
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