Lack Of Transaction Support, The Vanadium Market Is Still Weak Today, the domestic vanadium price is mainly stable, and the price of some products drops slightly by 1,000-2,000 CNY/Ton. Due to the weal alloy tender this week, few real inquiries in the retail market, large scale V2O5 flake manufacturers’ failure to sign orders, and the lack of transaction guidance in the market, it is difficult to improve the weak operating status of the vanadium market, and the price continues to fall. The alloy market is weak and stable, and trading is almost stagnant. Although there are production shutdowns and production cuts, some manufacturers still have huge inventory pressure and do not purchase raw materials for the time being. In the past month, the decline in raw materials has approached 20,000 CNY/Ton, and some manufacturers are reluctant to sell, saying that they will not quote for the time being. If some alloy factories want to purchase at a lower price, it may be difficult, and the stalemate between upstream and downstream is becoming more and more intense.