Kunming Iron And Steel Announces Bidding Results For Vanadium Nitride

Date: Apr 03, 2019

BEIJING (Asian Metal) 3 Apr 19 – Kunming Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. announced its bidding results for vanadium nitride early this week. The company will purchase 40t of vanadium nitride, of which 20t will be bought at RMB263,500/t (USD39,198/t) Inc-VAT delivered D/P and the other 20t at RMB264,500/t (USD39,347/t) Inc-VAT delivered D/P.

The prices came out to be much lower than what market players have expected, driving many suppliers into such a fear that they begin to dump their stocks, and as a result market prices for vanadium nitride have already decreased to below its production costs.

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