KISC Has Resumed Production for Extracting Vanadium: Yuxi Steel Production Base Steadily Promotes the Smelting of Vanadium-Titanium Ore

Yuxi Steel production base restored the production mode of vanadium-titanium ore smelting in August, taking “vanadium-titanium ore smelting” as the focus, in accordance with the differentiated development idea of “Extracting vanadiumand steel by smelting vanadium-titanium”. In August, they produced 115,757 tons of hot metal in a month, and the daily output of hot metal reached 4,018 tons, reaching a better level since the production of vanadium-titanium ore in blast furnace.

In order to ensure the smooth implementation of vanadium-titanium smelting, the ironmaking plant of Yuxi Steel Production Base revised and perfected the rules of safety, technology and equipment for vanadium-titanium smelting, drew up the technical scheme for vanadium-titanium smelting, organized special knowledge training for vanadium-titanium smelting technology, and organized professional technical backbone to go to Yunnan Desheng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. for special investigation. To improve the technical level of vanadium-titanium smelting of key workers. During the recovery period of vanadium-titanium ore smelting, the ironmaking plant implemented the shift system of plant director and furnace director, and rationally optimized personnel allocation. In the production organization, the plant overcomes many difficulties, such as the lower grade of the furnace and the poor smooth operation of the furnace before converting the blast furnace into vanadium and titanium smelting. By optimizing the process operation parameters and operating system, adopting comprehensive technologies such as high blast temperature, high oxygen enrichment and high air volume, the screening management is carefully refined, the screening time is prolonged, the screening speed is controlled, the quality of raw materials is strictly controlled, and the time of powder entering the furnace is reduced. Careful attention has been paid to understanding the changes of the upper and lower processes, strengthening the communication and connection between each process, so as to make the iron can quickly pull right; strengthening the coordination between the furnace and the furnace front, strictly implementing the operation standards before the furnace, accurately operating in front of the furnace, organizing the discharge of slag and iron, timely discharging slag and iron, ensuring the stable and smooth operation of blast furnace production, and ensuring the steady progress of the smelting of vanadium-titanium ore.

Yuxi Steel is a combination of the original Yuxi Xinxing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and Yunnan Kunming Steel Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd. It was built in 2003, and now has the capacity of 2 million tons of steel per year. Its main equipments are 2,000 m3 ironmaking blast furnace, 120 tons vanadium extraction converter, three 50 tons top and bottom combined blown converters, 1.2 million tons bar mill and 800,000 tons medium and wide strip continuous rolling mill with an annual output of 1.2 million tons. At the same time, it is equipped with flue gas desulfurization of sintering machine, residual heat generating set and 16,000 tons of industrial treatment. A comprehensive wastewater treatment plant has formed a comprehensive utilization base of vanadium resources with annual output of 100,000 tons of standard vanadium slag, 1.2 million tons of high-performance seismic steel bars and 800,000 tons of high value-added strip steel.