GPH Launches High-Grade Steel Rebar

GPH Ispat Limited, a steel manufacturer in Bangladesh, yesterday launched its high-grade steel rebar product, which will be used in the country’s mega construction projects.
GPH Quantum B600C-R steel rebar is the first of its kind in Bangladesh.
“GPH Ispat has taken Bangladesh to a higher level in terms of infrastructural and technological excellence,” said Industries Minister Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun while addressing the launching programme at the Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden.
“GPH has reached another milestone by manufacturing 600-grade high-strength steel rebar. This will bring advancement to our infrastructures.”
Major General (retd) Abu Syeed Md Masud, who was the project coordinator of the Padma Bridge, recognises the importance of high-grade steel rebar in construction thanks to his experience with some of the biggest mega projects in the country.
Raquib Hasan, a professor of civil engineering at the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology who was involved in researching the structural performance of GHP’s 600-grade steel rebar, said the product’s safety margin surpassed their theoretical calculations.
“GHP aims to provide a highly dedicated team to help build a strong and sustainable Bangladesh. With this ambition, we have added the high-strength and high-performing steel rebar,” said Jahangir Alam, chairman of GPH Group.
“Reducing the congestion of rebar in the structure will further improve the quality of construction and reduce the dead load of the building.”
Mohammad Alamgir Kabir, chairman of GPH Ispat, said they were proud to be the first to bring high-grade steel rebar to the country and bring the nation closer to a sustainable future.
Steel rebars are made in a quantum electric arc furnace at GPH Ispat’s existing facility.
High-grade steel rebars are stronger than other products of this variety and are more cost-effective as it reduces rod usage in construction by up to 30 per cent.
In addition, the use of the rebar will reduce the column section sizes, which increase the floor space of the infrastructure being built.
Although there is no market data on the demand for this type of steel rebar, GPH believes the demand will gradually rise.