Ferrovanadium inner and outer disc shows weakness and cost pressures are high

Date: Mar 14, 2019

www.ferroalloynet.com:?? Recently, the domestic and foreign markets have a small downward trend in the price of ferrovanadium, a few domestic steel bidding prices comes out, and the acceptance price has fallen below CNY 230,000/t. The purchasing price of steel mills is around CNY 225,000/t of acceptance price, while the cash price is lower than CNY 220,000/t and 80 ferrovanadium also declines slightly. Ferrovanadium factories basically have stock. As for vanadium, the price of vanadium flake in retailing market is basically the same as that of ferrovanadium. If ferrovanadium factories purchase vanadium from large plants at origin price, besides the processing fee, there is little profit space. The cost pressure of ferrovanadium factories is large, which may affect the overall output this month.

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