Domestic Vanadium Market Remained Stable Currently recent two days, the bidding price of many steel mills has been finalized. From the perspective of price performance, the price of VN alloy has begun to stabilize. The interleaving of high and low prices indicates that the market mentality is no longer striving for higher prices. However, during this period of strong VN alloy prices, for the rest of vanadium products, the manufacturers are mainly wait-and-see, with weak market. At present, the bidding price is still going on, and the short-term trend of VN alloy price is getting stronger, and the overall vanadium market level is stable currently.

The spot price of 105500 yuan / ton is quoted in the spot market of V2O5 flake. However, the willingness of ferrovanadium and VN alloy manufacturers to accept bulk goods at this price is lower. They think that it is not necessary to choose bulk goods at the same price as large factories. The price of 106000 yuan / ton in the V2O5 flake market has not been completed. In the short term, the market for V2O5 flake may remain stable, but the alloy plants are not expected to purchase much in the mid-July, and the bulk V2O5 flake market may be weak.

At present, the VN alloy steel bidding acceptance price of is between 164500-166500 yuan / ton, and the cash price is basically within this range, and the market is stable. However, in the early stage, the suppliers are relaxed in their persistent attitude towards the quotation of 167000-168000 yuan / ton, and the willingness to continue to support the price in the future market has decreased. The short-term price of VN alloy is not expected to rise any more, and the manufacturers will still face the situation of less procurement in the later July.