China’s Ferrovanadium Producers’ Inventory Decreased 13.83% YoY In Aug

BEIJING (Asian Metal) 29 Sep 2022 – In Aug, China’s ferrovanadium producers held an inventory of 1,215.00mt of ferrovanadium, 1,410.00mt in the same period last year and 1,265.00mt in the previous month, down 13.83% YoY and down 3.95% MoM respectively.

In Jan-Aug, China’s ferrovanadium producers held a monthly average inventory of 1,258.88mt of ferrovanadium, 1,363.12mt in the same period last year, down 7.65% YoY.

China’s ferrovanadium producers’ inventory in previous 13 months
Vanadium Nitride N 14%min EXW China

China vanadium nitride producers’ suspension number statistics by province by month
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