China’s Ammonium Metavanadate Output Increased 28.51% YoY In Nov

BEIJING (Asian Metal) 16 Dec 2022 – In Nov, China produced 1,510.00mt of ammonium metavanadate, 1,175.00mt in the same period last year and 1,440.00mt in the previous month, up 28.51% YoY and up 4.86% MoM respectively.

In Jan-Nov, China produced a total of 14,745.00mt of ammonium metavanadate, 14,510.00mt in the same period last year, up 1.62% YoY.

China’s ammonium metavanadate output in previous 13 months

In Nov, the top three provinces by output of ammonium metavanadate in China were Liaoning, Sichuan and Henan. Liaoning produced 310.00mt of ammonium metavanadate, up 106.67% YoY and up 10.71% MoM. Sichuan produced 210.00mt of ammonium metavanadate, up 40.00% YoY and up 5.00% MoM. Henan produced 180.00mt of ammonium metavanadate, down 2.70% YoY.

China’s top three provinces’ ammonium metavanadate output in previous 13 months
Ammonium Metavanadate 98%min EXW China

China ammonium metavanadate producers’ sales to production ratio statistics by province by month
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