Beijing Puneng Signed A 300MW Vanadium Battery Energy Storage Industry Chain Project With HBIS Vanadium Titanium And Hebei Jiantou Green Energy

The 2022 China Langfang International Economic and Trade Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Langfang Fair), with the theme of “Project Construction Year – Time for Investment in Hebei”, will be held in Langfang City from June 26 to 28 with the theme of “online-oriented” ” method. According to the news from the Propaganda Department of the Shuangluan District Committee of Chengde City, Hebei Province on the 22nd, the online special event of the “Langfang Fair” held in the Shuangluan Economic Development Zone that day successfully signed 6 projects with a total investment of 3.038 billion yuan.
It is understood that the online special event of the “Langfang Fair” in Shuangluan District takes the theme of “Intelligent Interconnection, Ecological Integration”, and adopts a combination of online and offline methods, involving vanadium and titanium new materials, business circulation, and technological innovation, new energy, intelligent manufacturing and other five fields. Among them, the planned total investment of the 300MW vanadium battery energy storage project is 1.008 billion yuan. After the project is completed, the annual output value will be 3.86 billion yuan, the tax revenue will be about 210 million yuan, and more than 200 people will be employed.
At the signing meeting, Huang Mianyan, president of Beijing Puneng Company, said, “The Shuangluan District Government, Hebei Jiantou Green Energy, HBIS Vanadium Titanium and Beijing Puneng jointly signed a cooperation agreement, the goal is to integrate the advantages of all parties and create a complete Vanadium flow battery energy storage industry ecological chain, promote the rapid development of the industry.”
In recent years, Shuangluan District has firmly established the development concept of ‘project is king, hard work takes the lead’, focusing on project construction, unswerving in attracting investment, strengthening industrial cultivation, and making every effort to provide the highest quality, most efficient and most convenient government affairs service, and strive to create a more relaxed, more stable and more harmonious development environment. Zhang Kangzhen, secretary of the Shuangluan District Party Committee, said.
According to reports, Chengde Shuangluan District has always adhered to the general tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability, adhered to the theme of promoting high-quality development, and firmly established the general idea of “12345” investment promotion and selection work, with vanadium and titanium products and characteristic manufacturing, cultural tourism And the “1+2” leading industries of the medical and health care industry and the producer service industry as the core, with the goal of promoting the implementation of projects are signed and implemented. At the same time, focusing on the coordination and linkage of the upstream and downstream of the industry and related supporting facilities, efforts are made to introduce projects that extend the chain, strengthen the chain, and supplement the chain, it has added impetus to accelerate the construction of a modernized “economically strong area, beautiful Shuangluan”.
In its congratulatory letter to the special event, the Department of Commerce of Hebei Province stated that the special event of Chengde Shuangluan Economic Development Zone is part of the many highlights of this “Langfang Fair”, and it is also a comprehensive display of the development achievements of Shuangluan Economic Development Zone, an important carrier and window for foreign investment promotion, it will definitely bring new opportunities and inject new vitality and vitality to the development of Shuangluan and even Chengde.