Analysis On Ferrovanadium Operating Rate And Output Statistics In April 2023 According to the incomplete statistics of 33 ferrovanadium production enterprises on FerroAlloyNet, there were about 14 enterprises in production in April, and the operating rate was about 42.4%, a decrease of 12.1% from the previous month; the total output of ferrovanadium was about 2,782 tons (including about 1,390 tons of ferrovanadium50 and about 870 tons of ferrovanadium80), a decrease of 838 tons compared with the previous month, a decrease of about 23.1%. Downstream demand for ferrovanadium is weak and there are few orders, and the overall transaction continues to decline sharply, and the pressure of production inversion continues to deepen. This month, Liaoning, the main production area, has frequently stopped and reduced production, and the operating rate and output have dropped significantly compared with last month.

Product Operating rate Change MOM(%) Output(Ton) Change MOM(Ton)
ferrovanadium 42.40% ↓12.1% 2782 ↓838